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Manager, Technical Program Management - Firmware

LocationFoster City, CA
Salary$190,000 to $320,000
RoleTechnical Program Management
First listedIn the last 16 months

Job Description

Zoox’s Technical Program Management (TPM) team is seeking a leader to manage our Firmware (FW) TPM team. As manager of the FW TPM team, you will partner with Firmware senior management on strategy, roadmapping, improving our development and release processes, and guiding Firmware towards delivering on Zoox’s needs. As a FW TPM Manager, you will be responsible for a full team of senior technical program managers with deep experience in embedded software, and handle performance, mentoring, career growth, retention, and hiring. You and your team will work with the various sub-teams and initiatives within Firmware, and with stakeholders across Zoox, to develop project schedules, identify milestones, flag risks, estimate budgets, and clearly communicate ongoing progress.

The Firmware team is responsible for the embedded software development of the Zoox vehicle's low level driving, body, and safety systems to provide a robust and highly automated vehicle platform for the autonomous driving software and rider software to build on. The Firmware team focuses on building firmware for in-house Electronic Control Units that are unique to the Zoox vehicle and centralizing communication for domain controllers to coordinate the many vehicle subsystems.


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