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Manager - Robot Platform Safety, Trajectory Generation

LocationFoster City, CA
Salary$195,000 to $245,000
RoleSystems Engineering - Functional Design & Integration
First listedIn the last 13 months

Job Description

As a people manager within Platform Safety Engineering and Analysis (PSEA), you will lead a team of 5 or more engineers, responsible for the functional safety and performance of the trajectory generation part of the autonomous vehicle platform. You will organize your team to work closely with partner software, firmware, hardware, and systems engineers to define, refine and manage the architecture and requirements (safety concept) for the parts of the system hosting trajectory generation functionality. This includes sensing and perception, pose, vehicle localization and the compute platform on which ML-based algorithms for prediction and planning are executed. Your team will be responsible for the analysis, development and refinement of safety mechanisms and the collision avoidance system.

You will have strong technical skills, understanding traditional functional safety from risk evaluation and management principles through technical solutions, using ISO 26262 and similar standards. You will also have the leadership and technical direction to apply these principles to autonomous technology. You will demonstrate intrinsic ownership of projects that you and your team work on, set the quality bar and lead by example on technical excellence and data-informed decision making. You will empower the team through coaching and effective planning in a dynamic environment.


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