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Feature Integration Engineer

LocationFoster City, CA
Salary$137,000 to $222,000
RoleVehicle Integration Engineering
Remote🏢Onsite only
First listedIn the last 4 months

Job Description

The Feature Integration team at Zoox is at the forefront of autonomous vehicle technology, driving the definition of vehicle behaviors and interactions of our purpose-built vehicle. We are a dynamic team closely collaborating with product, systems engineering, and component-level experts to shape the future of autonomous vehicles. Our mission is to craft and define vehicle-level feature requirements that lay the foundation for remarkable product capabilities. Feature Integration Engineers are the champions of a breadth of feature domains across the vehicle, taking ownership of these features across the entire product lifecycle. Beyond technical expertise, we highly value excellent communication skills, cross-functional collaboration, the capacity to influence stakeholders, the finesse to execute projects seamlessly, proficient project management capabilities, and the art of delivering compelling presentations.


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