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Senior Electric Motor Design Engineer

LocationMoss, Viken, Norway
Remote🏢Onsite only
First listedIn the last 2 months

Job Description

Targeted start date: Immediately.

1X designs androids built to benefit society. Since 2014, we’ve been building androids with the product design mindset of safety first, balanced performance, and smart behavior. Our mission is to build androids that work alongside people to meet the world’s labor demand and build an abundant society. Our wheeled model, EVE, is engineered to work with you, from guarding to logistics, and our bipedal model, NEO, is designed to become a general-purpose android, with a broad deployment in various applications, and, eventually, assisted living.

Founded in Moss, Norway, 1X has grown into an international team with offices around the globe. 1X envisions a bright new future: humans and androids, working and learning, Side by Side.

We are currently seeking a highly skilled and motivated Electric Motor Design Engineer to join our Actuators team. In this role, you will be responsible for designing and implementing electric motors for our next-generation bipedal humanoid robot. Collaborating closely with other hardware- and software-teams, you will play a vital role in everything from early concept stages to serial manufacturing. The ideal candidate will have a background in electrical engineering or mechatronics, extensive expertise and experience in electric motors, experience in systems integration including mechanical and thermal aspects, and familiarity with design for manufacturing and assembly principles. We are looking for individuals with hands-on experience, a "get-things-done" attitude, and the ability to excel in both long-term planning and day-to-day execution of practical tasks.

Why this job is exciting

Every day is different! You will get to

  • design systems and subsystems of our cutting edge actuator technology
  • contribute to and improve our electric motor manufacturing technology and system integration
  • implement and execute test bench evaluations of prototype electric motors
  • work in a nascent industry and shape the future of humanoid robots
  • gain experience in other fields of knowledge and improve all aspects of your technical skills
  • collaborate with engineers from different robotics disciplines and work closely with other hardware- and software-teams
  • thrive in an inclusive, supportive, and global culture

Within one month, you will…

  • contribute to the design of our electric motors
  • get hands-on time and take part in test bench prototype evaluations
  • familiarize yourself with internal processes and development methodologies
  • get familiar with our bipedal humanoid platform (NEO)

Within three months, you will…

  • own one or several sub-systems and/or aspects of our electric motors and actuators
  • perform prototype motor testing and characterization
  • work on the design of new and adapted electric motors
  • help implement best practices and methodologies that you have learned

Within one year, you will…

  • own several aspects and components of our electric motor technology
  • evaluate and deduce motor requirements in close collaboration with other teams
  • contribute to the whole joint actuator process from early design to integration, manufacturing, and assembly


  • Conception, design, prototyping, and testing for current and future electric motors of 1X robots
  • Detailed electromagnetic and thermal design for high efficiency and torque dense electric motors
  • Collaboration with mechanical design and production teams for manufacturing, integration, and assembly of electric motors
  • Continuous optimization of parts and assemblies for simplicity, weight, and cost
  • Author concise documentation of design details, requirements, future plans

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