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DevSecOps Engineer

LocationTel Aviv
RemoteSee job post for details
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Job Description

As a DevSecOps Engineer, you will:

  • Join a highly technological group that owns our cloud environments, managing infra, tooling, keeping the cloud secure and COGS efficient.
  • Working closely with the various Security teams, including Product Security team, helping identifying the risks and possible mitigations of all our cloud related infrastructure, resources and services
  • Working closely with the different DevOps teams, guiding the security and architecture of new infrastructure services.
  • Supporting our security monitoring and alerting systems.
  • Automating all aspects of security control deployment.
  • Acting as focal point for security and compliance-related queries and strategies.
  • You will do an impact!

You should apply if you have:

  • Strong technical skills and proven industry experience (5+ years) with DevOps methodologies, tools and technologies including deep understanding of cloud security, best practices and industry trends and challenges.
  • Ability to identify common security risks, formulate and execute security strategies.
  • Experience with market-leading security tools and providers Scripting & development skills, preferably in Python.
  • Extensive knowledge of Internet protocols, architectures, and security design principles.
  • Strong Security tooling, processes expertise, including KMS, GuardDuty, Cloudtrail, SSO, as well as with tools such as Snyk / Wiz / Orca / Aqua.
  • Experience with cloud computing technologies, IaC, preferably AWS and TF.
  • Have a solid experience with parts of our tech stack that includes: GitOps, CI/CD and tools such as ArgoCD/Argo Workflows/ GitHub Actions /Jenkins.
  • Have one or more security-related certifications, such as CKS, CISSP, CEH, CISA, CISM, SECURITY+ or similar.
  • Experience in triaging security alerts and executing incident response.
  • Experience in Compliance Requirements (e.g. SOC2, ISO27001, HIPAA, PCI, etc.)
  • Proven ability of gathering and maintaining evidence for security and compliance.
  • Great communication skills
  • Self-motivation with the drive to keep moving things forward

What makes the DevOps team at Gong unique?

Here at Gong, we trust and empower our employees with ownership to solve complex problems, make the right decisions, and build the best products that create radical impact. We call this “Own. Solve. Impact.”

Our DevOps team is dedicated to fostering a culture of collaboration and efficiency to empower our R&D efforts. This mindset permeates everything we do, from developing powerful tools that streamline processes to minimizing communication barriers and optimizing system design and infrastructure architecture. Here, you'll step into a world where versatility is embraced, and everyone is equipped to handle a range of tasks with expertise and agility. Welcome to a dynamic environment where wearing multiple hats is not just encouraged but celebrated.

About us

Gong unlocks reality to help people and companies reach their full potential. The patented Gong Reality Platform™ empowers companies to take advantage of their most valuable assets – customer interactions, which the Gong platform automatically captures and analyzes. Gong then delivers insights at scale, empowering revenue and go-to-market teams to determine the best actions for winning outcomes.

Here at Gong, we encourage our employees to express their personality and identity (whether gender, ethnic, religious, or sexual), and we ensure fairness and equal opportunities. We follow a hybrid working model that combines working from home, on the go, or at the office. This allows us: flexibility, autonomy, positive work relationships, and effective work habits.

If these considerations are important to you when choosing a work place, we'd love to see you with us.

To review Gong's privacy policy, visithttps://www.gong.io/gong-io-job-candidates-privacy-notice/ for more details.

*This position requires Israeli residence



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