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CPU Design Architect / Principal Digital Design Engineer

LocationSunnyvale, CA
RemoteSee job post for details
First listedIn the last 4 months

Job Description

Job Description:
Design cost effective controller with high performance, low power and small area for cellular modem. This position will work with multi-nation teams in leading-edge process node and be involved in:
- Perform CPU development and design integration for MIPS CPU subsystem.
- Explore latest technologies and be responsible for conducting fundamental research on new directions in CPU architecture
- Contribute ideas for advanced CPU performance features - analyze workloads in details, identify performance bottlenecks and opportunities, bring a data driven approach to tradeoffs in CPU design, derive architecture and micro-architecture to design/model implantation team, and bring ideas to successful silicon

Minimum Qualifications:
- Master Degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or Computer Engineering.
- At least 5 years of CPU related Architect/RTL/Verification/Implementation design experience
- Knowledge and practical experience with common RISC CPU architecture.
- Familiarity with chip digital design flow, including RTL integration, simulation, STA.
- Understanding of high performance techniques and trade-offs in a CPU microarchitecture
- Ability to problem solve and prove own ideas

Preferred Qualifications:
- PhD in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or Computer Engineering is a PLUS
- 8+ years of CPU related Architect/RTL/Verification/Implementation design experience
- Strong CPU architecture knowledge and micro-architecture knowledge
- Familiarity with Symmetric Multi-processing (SMP) and Snoop-based multi-processor architecture.
- Familiarity with synthesis, power analysis and post silicon debugging
- Cross-site working experience is a PLUS.
- Common knowledge in modeling/DV/OS is a PLUS.
- Experience with Foundry, Post-Silicon, FPGA, DVT, SLT debug is a PLUS.


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