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Senior Backend Software Engineer

LocationPalo Alto, California
Salary170,000 - 225,000 USD, yearly
CommitmentFull Time
First listedIn the last 22 months

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Job Description

Luma’s mission is to build multimodal AI to expand human imagination and capabilities.

We believe that multimodality is critical for intelligence. To go beyond language models and build more aware, capable and useful systems, the next step function change will come from vision. So, we are working on training and scaling up multimodal foundation models for systems that can see and understand, show and explain, and eventually interact with our world to effect change.

You will work on building generative AI inference infra at an unprecedented scale. You’ll be responsible for Luma’s REST APIs, and backend systems. You will build infrastructure with thousands of GPUs in production serving SOTA machine-learning models to millions of luma users. You'll work closely with the research team to rapidly prototype, build, and optimize inference pipelines, and compute.


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