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Application Administrator

LocationFoster City, CA
Salary$137,000 to $173,000
RoleEnterprise Applications
First listedIn the last 4 months

Job Description

Zoox is looking for an Application Administrator to join our IT applications team. The IT Applications group owns and operates a growing number of large and unique applications; we currently have over 100 applications and services to support. Application Administrators will own applications and will collaborate closely with stakeholders regarding upgrades, maintenance, reporting, monitoring, documentation, and feature requests.

The Zoox application portfolio ranges from specialty internal applications for vehicle engineering, manufacturing, and data science to more general applications used for task tracking, project management, and business intelligence. In addition, the need to support external customer-facing applications, such as payment apps and customer relationship management, continues to grow.

In this role, you will be surrounded by exceptional peers and will be exposed to many challenging tasks with many opportunities to learn and grow.


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