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AI Architect

LocationAustin, Texas
First listedIn the last 6 months

Job Description

Cognite is a global leader in industrial software with our Industrial DataOps platform, Cognite Data Fusion®, at the core. We were awarded the 2022 Technology Innovation Leader for Global Digital Industrial Platforms.

The Product team is the team responsible for developing Cognite Data Fusion as a robust and scalable platform for solving industrial data problems at Cognite. The industrial data problem is at the heart of transforming asset-intensive industries to be safer, more sustainable and more profitable. Cognite’s Cognite Data Fusion makes the operational data available at scale and adds value to the data through data processing. This enables asset-intensive industries to make data-driven decisions. Our platform is built on many different technologies, each good at solving various challenges.

To build the best possible product, we believe in autonomous teams with developers, designers and product managers working closely together. We use the latest technologies ☁️ and work closely with end users to iterate quickly towards better product experiences 💻. That means that our users have the best data quality possible and ensure better insights for the user through data science and physical process modeling.

The rapid advances of Artificial intelligence (AI), especially around Generative AI, and in particular LLMs like OpenAI GPT family of models, have driven innovations starting to disrupt existing market spaces across industry. Many businesses are betting on AI as the next growth opportunity.

Are you passionate about applying state-of-the-art AI algorithms to real-world use-cases? Do you enjoy building end-to-end AI architectures that optimize or revolutionize existing processes?

Are you fascinated by the new possibilities that Generative AI, Transformer models, and LLMs are creating to change the world?

We are looking for exceptionally talented and experienced individuals who have a proven track-record of working collaboratively with cross-functional internal and external teams, to identify opportunities and to lead the development of AI architectures in different industries that we target such as energy, manufacturing and utilities. The ideal candidate has a proven track-record for identifying repeatable patterns, to scale vertical solutions horizontally across industries.


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