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3D Computer Vision Researcher

LocationRemote, USA
Salary125,000 - 170,000 USD, yearly
CommitmentFull Time
RoleComputer Vision
Remote🌴Remote allowed
First listedIn the last 32 months

Job Description

Team Description:

Our computer vision team is a leader in the creation of cutting-edge algorithms and software for automated image and video analysis. Our solutions embrace deep learning and add measurable value to government agencies, commercial organizations, and academic institutions worldwide. We understand the difficulties in extracting, interpreting, and utilizing information across images, video, metadata, and text, and we recognize the need for robust, affordable solutions. We seek to advance the fields of computer vision and deep learning through research and development and through collaborative projects that build on our open source software platforms, such as VIAME and Telesculptor.

About the Projects:

Kitware’s 3D computer vision team develops algorithms and open source applications for photogrammetry: reconstructing 3D models of objects from images and video. Current 3D projects have an emphasis on aerial and satellite imagery sources, but capabilities are often adapted to other problem domains. These projects have created and continue to support the development of TeleSculptor, an open source application for aerial 3D reconstruction built on KWIVER, and Danesfield, an open source Python framework and web application for urban 3D modeling from satellite imagery. Our 3D vision research projects support the continued development of these tools, development and publication of new cutting edge 3D reconstruction and camera calibration algorithms, and opportunities to leverage 3D vision to assist with broader computer vision topics. The team is exploring how 3D vision algorithms can aid in object detection and tracking, change detection, super resolution, video compression, super resolution, and various other problems. We frequently explore opportunities to adapt our work to new customers with new challenges and new data domains such as underwater imagery or synthetic aperture radar.

Kitware’s employees have unique opportunities to interact and collaborate directly with customers, visit interesting customer sites, and participate in live field tests and demonstrations. Much of Kitware’s work involves applying state-of-the-art artificial intelligence approaches to dynamic, real-world problems. In this case, you will have the opportunity to contribute your skills to projects focused on national security, making a difference on a daily basis to protect our country. Research and Development Engineers at Kitware also enjoy benefits commonly associated with a position in academia, such as support and encouragement for the publication of novel work.

We partner with premier government R&D agencies such as DARPA, IARPA, AFRL, NVESD, NOAA, ONR, other branches of the US military, and multiple members of the Intelligence Community on a range of efforts including prime contracts, SBIRs, and STTRs. In addition, we provide commercial services to companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Kitware employs an open source business model to foster extended, collaborative communities, and to provide flexible, high-quality technical solutions. If you’ve used CMake, ITK, or VTK, you know our work and the impact it has on the communities we help build.


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