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Intern - AI Team

LocationSunnyvale, California, United States
Remote🏢Onsite only
First listedIn the last 1 month

Job Description

Targeted start date: 3-6 months. Relocation provided.

The AI residency role involves developing full-stack infrastructure for simulation, data management, and learning. This work is like building a self-driving car - and all the technical challenges that it entails - except that the robot must also deliberately come into contact with the world (when manipulating objects and doors).

1X mission is to create an abundant supply of physical labor through safe, intelligent androids that work alongside humans. Since 2014, we’ve designed our products with large-scale manufacturing in mind, so we can produce androids at a high enough volume to meet the world’s labor demand.
Our wheeled Android EVE, is engineered to work with you, from guarding to logistics, and our bipedal model, NEO, is designed to become a household android with broad deployment in various applications. Our products will understand both natural language and physical space, so they can complete useful tasks in any environment.

We’ve established our dual HQ in San Francisco and Norway. Our positions require in-person presence to ensure effective execution and seamless collaboration in our hardware-focused environment. We value passion for our work and encourage candidates who share our dedication to join our team.

Why this job is exciting

  • Your role on the team will be to scale up robot learning algorithms on state-of-the-art hardware
  • You will get to deploy code to androids at customer sites
  • We aim to (1) double the number of tasks the androids can perform and (2) half the error rate on existing tasks, quarter over quarter
  • The team works closely together to scale up a single approach to a production-ready system, rather than publishing research papers


  • Day to day: scale up datasets used for training end-to-end navigation and manipulation
  • Build the “data engine” (frontend UI and backend) to review logs, clean, and label data
  • Extend simulation infra to generate useful data for the real world and close the sim-to-real gap
  • Work with our data operations team to test out research ideas in sim and real world
  • Ship new capabilities to androids deployed in customer sites

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